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For young Fred Rogers, music was a gift. It eased the pain of childhood illness and bullying and helped Fred express how he felt when words alone were difficult.

As an adult, he gifted his melodies to the world, showing children by example that they can express themselves, cope with negative feelings, and connect to each other through music. 

This sensitive, life affirming biography not only portrays the life of this beloved TV personality, but focuses on Fred's most memorable songs and musical TV moments, and captures the enduring magic in brilliantly colored abstract illustration. Readers will not only learn about what music meant to Fred Rogers, but find the encouragement and inspiration to brighten their lives with song.

MISTER ROGERS' GIFT OF MUSIC hits shelves 8/23/22! Now available for pre-order! IndieBound, Amazon, Barnes&Noble.

Signed copies available at The Curious Reader:

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© 2021 Donna Cangelosi
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